Shrub trimming/pruning

Bushes and plants have different times of year to prune as well as different frequencies of trimming because of their growth rates. In this Memphis climate, because of our heat and humidity, most plants tend grow at a faster rate. To comply with most Memphis, Germantown, Collierville and Desoto County neighborhood association’s, we generally trim and prune their bushes as needed.

Some plants like azaleas, you may only trim once a year and sometimes not at all. Most ornamental shrubs, bushes and evergreens will be pruned or trimmed 2-3 times during the grow season to ensure a professionally maintained appearance. Some of our customers prefer their boxwoods, abelias, laurel pedlums and many
others to be trimmed as many as 3-6 times per year.

The frequency of trimming or pruning also depends on how a customer prefers the plant to look. If a customer likes a natural look then obviously we would trim them less, but if you want a manicured appearance, then trimming more often will certainly be needed. Also trimming plants and bushes more often will be much less on a cost per visit basis.